LIMITED EDITION - Natural Paws Box

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Natural Paws Box is our LIMITED EDITION box, designed for the wild at heart. If you and your dog love adventuring outdoors together, enjoying sporty accessories and a healthy, natural snack during your journey, the Natural Paws Box is for you.  Stay active and experience the nature with man’s best friend at your side.

Limited Edition - Natural Paws Gift Box | Dog Toys, Treats & Accessories

What’s inside?

Natural Paws Box is fully packed with an assortment of 6 items including cheeky sporty dog accessories, all natural Australia made healthy & energizing dog treats that will give your dog energy to keep exploring on through Mother Nature. Plus, your lucky pup will also get fun dog toys to keep the adventure going even after you’ve come home.

Natural Paws Box - Dog Toys & Treats | LIMITED EDITION

Trying to make more time for exploring the Great Outdoors with your pup? We’ve got you covered!

This dog giftbox is great for adventurous pet parents who need to keep a close eye on their pup’s well-being. Fully packed with sporty dog accessories to look great every step of the way, Natural Paws Box is here to fuel your adventurous side and inspire owners and their dogs to stay active and experience nature together.  Plus, containing dog treats that are all-natural & healthy, the Natural Paws Box will provide some extra energy that will put a spring in their step. Whether it’s feeling the sand between your toes at the beach, listening to the beautiful music of the wind in the trees in a quiet forest, or jogging along a mountain stream, our earthy-crunchy goodies are the perfect kick-start or mid-day snack. And finally, at the end of your adventure, your pup can snuggle up with a cheeky cuddle dog toy and drift off to dreams of the fun you’ve had together.

Limited Edition - Dog Toys, Treats & Accessories

Can i customize my Natural Paws Box?

When you place your order, we’ll ask for some details about your adventurous pup: his or her name, gender, size and details about any allergies we need to be aware of.

Dog Toys, Treats & Accessories - Natural Paws Gift Box

Our goal is to put a smile on your face while your dog gets a spring in their paw-steps, inspiring hours of playtime, exercise, mental stimulation, snuggles, and adventure for dog-lovers and their fur-babies.

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