A box full of goodies for every dog!

If your pup needs another reason to chase the mailman, try some of our one-off unique gift boxes specially created for different occasions.

HAPPINESS starts from the wiggle of the nose to the wiggle of the tail.
Because we smell those treats, and we want those treats…lots of TREATS.


“Bella and I had so much fun opening her Birthday Box together! She went right for the koala plush, while I was ogling her new sparkly collar – so cute! Oh, and i love seeing that the company that makes the treats that you included sends a portion of profits to rescue dog organizations. A round of applause for awesome companies like you and them, because my Bella was a rescue pup, too! We are definitely fans of our dream box and can’t wait to get another! - Maya N.
“Ok, i just had to write to you to tell you how adorable the Puppy Box was – that little puppy blanket is the sweetest thing, and I took about a hundred pics of Bobbo running around carrying it in her mouth. We both can’t wait for the next box of goodies!” - Crystal M.
“Wow! I loved this puppy box as much as Alfie did! I’m so glad you included a puppy shampoo, because Alfie seems to need a bath every other day, so i always need a great-smelling shampoo handy. It was adorable – he couldn’t decide which “snuggle friend” to sleep with the first night – the elephant and the lamb are both so cute! Thank you!” - Anna S.
“We LOVE our Dog Dream Box subscription! This is sooooo fun! I have 2 fur babies, and when the box comes each month, i just pull the lid open and let them take their pick of what they want to explore first. Max is my treat hog, while Rocco is always curious about the leashes, collars, and harnesses – i think he knows it means i’m going to take him for a walk to try out the new accessories! Keep them coming – we love them!” - Mitch D.
“Thank you for letting me customize our Dog Dream Boxes. I appreciate that it was no big deal for us to request more of the rope tug toys instead the plush toys since my dog doesn’t play with them as much. You’d think she would be bored with as much tug-o-war as we play, but every month when the box comes with a new tug toy, it’s like she’s a puppy again. I’ve really started enjoying our special playtimes together even more.” - Mike M.
“I wanted to tell you a cute story. My 5-year-old son has started watching for our Dog Dream Box every month so that he run off to his room to spread all the goodies out on his bed first. Then he relishes in taking one of the toys out first to surprise our dog Nash. Then he doles out a treat or toy every day until the box is empty. He’ll even open the accessory and do a little photo shoot with Nash and take him for a walk. So, i guess i need to thank you for entertaining not only my dog, but my son as well! LOL! - Trish A.
“Dog Dream Box offers cool new toys we haven’t seen before and yummy all-natural treats that my dog always loves. The price is fantastic, too, so we’re now fully subscribed and loving it! Thank you guys for giving us great customer service and a new monthly spoiler for our dog!” - Jacob B.

Dreams turned into reality