Your dog needs his regular pampering just like his human friend.


We all know dogs do not enjoy a bath and it can be frustrating for you and your dog when it comes to bath time. As soon as they hear the tap running, they hide under the table or the bed.  Let’s discuss how we could help with the process.

Ok so, dog pampering should start from a puppy stage, that way they will slowly adjust and accept that they need to be washed. Just make sure that you are gentle and careful when you first introduce your puppy to his first bath, otherwise it can leave a negative impact on your pup and they will never ever want to have a pamper sesh! Make sure that you also have a treat handy so that you can offer it to your pup when they are behaving badly during their bath.

Do not forget to brush your dog before a bath, as it helps to get rid of the nasty dirt stuck in their fur and it also helps to make bathing a lot easier. Our  BUBBLE BATH BOX will leave your dog’s fur silky smooth and will allow the brushing process to be much easier.

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Get well prepared for bubble bath

Make sure you fill the bath with warm water (make sure it’s not too hot, check it before dog bath), get the BUBBLE BATH BOX with our amazing aromatic grooming products ready for use.

Be gentle & DO NOT LEAVE THEM ALONE because there is a high chance they will jump, run away and hide. You should use low irritant shampoos & conditioners. We have created BUBBLE BATH BOX for this exact reason. We made sure that all our dog shampoos, dog conditioners, dog detanglers are low irritant but also have the most amazing fragrance, which means cuddle time will be more enjoyable.

Another important and amazing product that BUBBLE BATH BOX offers is a dog cologne! Cold you imagine how beautiful your dog will smell just by using our unique long lasting cologne! Well, we do, as our pup gets pampered regularly and gets compliments all the time.


Our BUBBLE BATH BOX will make sure that you have everything you need for your pup and will also always include a yummy, all-natural & Australia made treats along with the dog toy in the box for your pup to enjoy during or after his bath.

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Happy Dog Dream Box team :-)