You got yourself a new puppy, a new edition to your family who will be your best friend!

There is no doubt that your new puppy will bring so much joy into your life but also a lot of responsibility.​ Everything that surrounds your new puppy will be new and exciting for them. Your puppy will rely whole heartily on you and they will know that you will be the ones who are responsible to offer them love, attention and discipline. ​Remember your puppy only has you. So let’s start from the beginning...​

Puppy Gift Box - Puppy Toys, Treats, Accessories & Puppy Grooming Products

When puppies enter new homes they are scared and as they are not aware of their new surroundings. ​For the first few couple of days you puppy might cry a lot as they have been separated from their mother, so you have to make sure that you are present at home with them and give them a lot of love and attention.​

It will be very handy if you could take a piece of a blanket or clothing that still has the sense of their mother or his/her siblings so your pup can sleep on it while he adjusts to his new home. It will also be a way for your pup to get a good peaceful sleep.

Puppy Gift Box - Puppy Toys, Treats, Accessories

​Make sure that you have made your home a safe home for a new puppy where they cannot reach any electrical cables, as they will want to chew on everything.​


Make sure that you have a nice and cosy, big enough bed, for your new puppy. Make sure that the bed is put in a comfortable environment where it is not far away from you and others living in your home.​

Dogs are very friendly and curious animals and they need to be surrounded by people. Once when your puppy gets tired from play time they will happily go to their beds and have a sleep. ​Do not wake your puppy up, let him sleep and he will be happy to play once he is well rested. An important tip you must remember is when you pup misbehaves, do not send him to his bed as he would feel like his bed is a new place where he goes when he has misbehaved, instead of a place to go and rest. ​

Your new puppy will want to chew on everything in your home, why?

Because they will be teething, this is why you need to make sure you have puppy approved toys which are good for teething. Everything you purchase for your puppy you need to make sure that it is good quality.​ This way you can teach your pup that he cannot eat away your furniture but his toys that have been specifically bought for him.​

Now it’s time to purchase a collar for your pup with his name and your details in case your puppy wonders off to meet his new neighborhood! After your pup’s vaccination you will be able to walk your pup and explore together! ​

Our PUPPY GIFT BOX has been specifically tailored to every new pup owner with an assortment of minimum 7 or more items. ​

Puppy Gift Box - Puppy Toys, Treats & Puppy Grooming Products

Puppy Dream Box offers PUPPYLICIOUS Australian made treats, puppy tested toys that are durable for teething puppies while gentle enough on their sensitive teeth and gums , amazing grooming aromatic products which will make your puppy fresh scented, and our puppy accessories will be handy together with a blanket  to make them ready for snuggle time. This will help you start your life together from the GET-GO!​

Happy Dog Dream Box team :-)