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    Give it to me straight, mate – how does this Dog Dream Box subscription really work?

      Dog Dream Box is a monthly dog subscription box, chock-full of the canine cravings and dog toys that your pooch dreams about. Each gift box is a real beauty, containing minimum 5 or more hand-selected products that we think your dog will roll over for. With a subscription, you’ll receive a box every month, with different goodies each time.

      Each box will have a variety of edible dog treats, dog toys and occasional dog accessories. We seriously geek out on the selection process, so feedback is always welcome to ensure we scratch your doggo’s happy place.
        How much does Dog Dream Box subscription cost and other one-off time boxes?

          We’ve got all kinds of options. Looking for the best savings and 6 months of slobbery kisses? Go for the 6-month subscription for $60 per month. We also offer a 3-month subscription for $64 per month, or a Monthly Subscription (cancel at any time) for $66 per month. All pricing is in the AUD Dollar.

          Our Bubble Bath Box, Birthday Box, Puppy Dream Box and Dream Treats Box are one-off purchases with different individual prices, as they are all customized and tailored to suit your pup’s needs. 
            What's the difference between you and the other dog subscription boxes out there?

              Great Question! Our goal is to put a smile on your face while your dog gets a spring in their paw-steps, inspiring hours of playtime, exercise, mental stimulation, snuggles, and adventure for dog-lovers and their fur-babies. For that reason, we set out from the beginning to create a unique experience that will fit every dog and dog owner. That’s why we developed the system where everything is customized and tailored for every dog individually, either with our subscription or one-off time gift boxes. After you complete your pet profile, all items will be hand-picked based on your pup’s specific needs.
              That makes our DOG DREAM boxes range totally unique!

                Shut up and take my money. What payments do you accept?

                  Alright, settle down now. Sit. Stayyyy. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

                    Where do you source your products?

                      They come from the Land Down Unda… ha! Now you have that song in your head. But seriously, all our dog treats are only Australian made. The dog toys, dog accessories and dog grooming products are sourced from the best industry brands over the world.

                        When can my pooch sink his teeth into his next Dog Dream Box?

                          For subscribers, a new Dog Dream Box will arrive each month. For monthly subscription, your first Dog Dream Box will be dispatched between one and three business days (means a day which is neither a Saturday or Sunday, nor a public holiday anywhere in Australia). However we don’t guarantee that the product will be dispatched in that time frame. Following boxes will be shipped on the 15th of every month or close to 15th in case if it falls on the weekend, public holidays or in the case of any other unpredictable circumstances preventing us to ship on the 15th.

                          One-off purchase gift box deals (BUBBLE BATH BOX, PUPPY DREAM BOX, BIRTHDAY BOX, DREAM TREATS BOX ) are one-off purchase orders and will be dispatched within 48 hours, however we don’t guarantee that the product will be dispatched in that time frame. If your order falls on a weekend or public holiday your order will be dispatched the following business day.

                          We recommend preparing your mail carrier with your pup’s pending excitement. As if dogs needed another reason to chase the mailman…

                            We’re still waiting…and my dog is starting to drool…

                              Oh no! Please refer to your tracking number to track your order or contact us at admin@dogdreambox.com.au and we’ll track your order and fetch a solution ASAP.

                                What are my delivery options?

                                  Your delivery options are simple – If you order Dog Dream Box, we’ll deliver it. If you don’t order Dog Dream Box, we won’t deliver it (#arfarf). Orders are prepped at Dog Dream Box Headquarters in Perth and are delivered via Australia Post and a variety of partnered couriers. Deliveries around Australia can take anywhere from 1-14 days to arrive, depending on how remote your location is as deliveries to remote areas may take even a little longer.

                                    Where does Dog Dream Box deliver to?

                                      We deliver for FREE to furry mates and sheilas all over Australia. For international shipping charges apply.

                                        Can we track our delivery?

                                          We’ve found that hounds and shepherds make the best natural trackers, but we try to level the playing field with digital tracking. As soon as we ship out your Dog Dream Box, you’ll be emailed tracking details. No nosework necessary.

                                            When is billing processed?

                                              Payment for your first Dog Dream Box is processed the same day your initial order is completed. For subscribers, recurring billing is automatically processed on the same day of each month that your first order was placed. Individual gift boxes are one-off purchases and therefore do not auto-renew (Includes  Birthday Box, Bubble Bath Box, Puppy Dream Box, and  Dream Treats Box).

                                                Here’s the thing, I didn’t choose the right subscription type for my dog and toys are too small/too big? Can I change my subscription type?

                                                  Yes …. You can change your subscription type at any time by logging in or giving us a holla to swap your preferences.

                                                    My dog is obsessed with a particular treat/toy – can I get more?

                                                      Nope, we’re keeping all the good stuff to ourselves. Just kidding – OF COURSE you can ask for more of your doggo’s favorite!!! You know that special spot on your pup’s belly that makes his leg kick? That’s sorta what we look like when our selections hit the spot with your dog’s cravings. Contact us, and we’ll be happy to send it again in your next box if the product is still available on the market.

                                                        My dog has allergies. What would you suggest for those pups that are a bit more sensitive?

                                                          Oh nooo…but don’t worry as we have an option to customize any product for every dog individually and to let us know about any of allergies. If you let us know what type of allergies or sensitivities, we will do our absolute best to make sure we don't send you anything with those allergies listed. But if your pup has many allergies, we can suggest that you contact us and we can send you the dog toys only (in case of the food allergies).

                                                            Can I gift some of Dog Dream boxes range?

                                                              Of course! Dog Dream boxes range is the best gift you could give to a dog owner. All you have to do is write the receivers name and the delivery address in checkout. You can also leave us the message in the Cart order’s note text field and we can let them know who sent the gift box to the lucky pup.

                                                                What if I want to give a gift box but don't know all the details about their dog?

                                                                  Don’t worry, these data fields aren't required. Just type “Don’t know” in the “Dog’s Name” field and continue with your order.

                                                                    Are there any hidden fees?

                                                                      Nope. It is simply the cost that you agreed to. Delivery is included.

                                                                      When will my payment be processed?

                                                                      Your first payment will be processed when you sign up. Your pup's first box ships immediately, as soon as you sign up!

                                                                      After that, if you signed up for a monthly subscription before the 25th of the month, you will be billed on the 3rd of each following month, if you signed up between the 25th and the last day of the month you will be billed on the 10th of each month following. You will receive an email from us notifying you of your payment processing dates.

                                                                      Please take note: we have to process subscriptions by the 3rd or 10th each month (depends of the date you signed up) in order to make sure we can package, label and ship all of the Dog Dream Boxes by the 15th (or close to that date if any unpredictable conditions apply).  Subscriptions auto-renew on the anniversary of the subscription or the 3rd of the month that the subscription is set to renew. You will need to cancel the auto-renew prior to the renewal date if need be.

                                                                      One-off time purchase gift box deals  Bubble Bath Box, Puppy Dream Box, Birthday Box, Dream Treats Box are one-off purchase orders and there are no recurring charges for them.

                                                                        Am I being billed every month?

                                                                          Dog Dream Box is our RECURRING SUBSCRIPTION product. Meaning Yes, if you have purchase subscription product, you will be billed on the 3rd of every month. One-off time purchase gift box deals (BUBBLE BATH BOX, PUPPY DREAM BOX, BIRTHDAY BOX, DREAM TREATS BOX ) are one-off purchase orders and there is no RECURRING charges for them.

                                                                            OK, I’m billed every month for my subscription product, that makes sense. So how can I manage my subscriptions?

                                                                              That’s very easy, as everything can be managed directly in your account. If you have more than one active subscription, they will be all listed in your account. Each one has it's own active/cancel/skip status.

                                                                                Can I modify or cancel my subscription before auto-renew date?

                                                                                  ABSORUFFLY. To modify or cancel your subscription before auto-renew date just  send us an email, and we’ll change your subscription or cancel auto-renew until your pup is begging for more.

                                                                                    How can I make changes to my account and manage my details?

                                                                                      You can login into your account. Click the LOG IN button in the navigation banner and sign in.

                                                                                        How do I cancel my subscription?

                                                                                          Nooooo! I mean, we hate the idea of losing you, but we won’t stand in your way. We’ll just sit at the door and whine for weeks.  Just contact us at admin@dogdreambox.com.au and we will be glad to help you out with anything. Your subscription is continuous until you cancel it and, if you cancel your subscription membership before the end of an existing subscription period, you will be charged for the remainder of that subscription period.  So, for example, if you signed up for a 3-month subscription and cancel after the first month, you’ll still be charged for two more payments and deliveries. If you want to cancel still ongoing subscription but don't want to receive remaining boxes of your plan, please refer to our subscription cancellation policy in our Terms and Conditions.

                                                                                          Your subscription will continue until you cancel and, if you do not cancel your membership prior to the renewal date, your subscription will automatically renew for a new subscription period of the same amount of time.

                                                                                          If you would like to cancel your subscription just email us at admin@dogdreambox.com.au before the renewal date and we will process the cancellation for you within one business day.

                                                                                            What is your return policy?

                                                                                              We do not refund or exchange for change of heart or unforeseeable delays. We accept returns for faulty merchandise only. The purchaser responsibility is to check goods before ordering, including if delivered directly to a third party. We aim for the best of quality and all our products are going through the quality check prior to packaging and also before dispatch to ensure maximum protection during transit. In order to that, we have a system where you complete the pet profile and let us know what are your pup’s specific preferences and to let us know if your pup has any allergies.

                                                                                              If you in the very rare instance experience receiving of the faulty product please contact us immediately and we will organize to replace the faulty item with the same or similar item. If the replacement is not possible we will give you a choice of a refund or a credit. We will also cover postage posts on faulty items but the original delivery fee is non-refundable. If the courier returns your package undeliverable, customers will be responsible for the original delivery charge in the event of a refund or additional redelivery charges. All pre-paid subscriptions cannot be refunded. We don’t take responsibility for lost or stolen deliveries.

                                                                                                Where can i find more answers to my questions?

                                                                                                   For more answers please refer to our Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy or contact us at info@dogdreambox.com.au


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