If your dog typically destroys every new toy in less than a minute, he just might be a wild pup! If he endlessly destroys everything from ones to the legs of the dining room table, he might be a wild pup! If you've got a wild pup on your hands then WILD PUP GIFT BOX is a perfect solution for you as maybe they are simply hinting that they want to sink their teeth into an assortment of toys in a Wild Pup Box, instead of your furniture.

Extra Tough Dog Toys - Wild Pup Box

We are aware that some dogs are more wild then others, which means they chew more often and more vigorously than others, and don’t forget about that extra energy that they need to burn. All products in this box are tested for durability to last longer for more play sessions to ensure the dogs have more to destroy whilst you’re busy at work or running errands. Wild pups get bored and need stimulation so our extra durable dog toys will keep them occupied that they will totally forget about destroying the furniture.


Our Wild Pup Box is a perfect gift for chewers who need extra durable dog toys or pretty much just SUPER TOUGH DOG TOYS for the wild ones. ​

Indestructible Dog Toys - WILD PUP BOX

Whether your dog is young or just young at heart, Wild Pup Box comes with minimum 5 or more items, including an assortment of durable and indestructible toys for heavy-duty chewers, as well as safe to destroy plush toys to satisfy the urge to shred. Plus thy will get all-natural & healthy Australia made dog treats to help them recharge their energy.

Happy Dog Dream Box team :-)