Wild Pup Box

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Super Tough Durable Dog Toys & Treats For Chewers

Wild Pup Box addresses the need for some dogs to chew more often and more vigorously than others. Wild Pup Box is loaded with engaging goodies for chewers including the toys that are tested for durability to last longer for more play sessions to ensure dogs have plenty to destroy other than your living room furniture.

Chewers Dog Gift Box - Tough Dog Toys | Wild Pup Box

What’s inside?

Wild Pup Box is a perfect gift for chewers who need super tough dog toys. Whether your dog is young or just young-at-heart, the Wild Pup Box comes with minimum of 5 or more items, including an assortment of durable toys for heavy-duty chewers, as well as safe-to-destroy plush toys to satisfy the urge to shred. Plus, they’ll get all natural & healthy, Australia made dog treats to help them recharge their energy.

Durable & Tough Dog Toys for Heavy and Hyperactive Dog Chewers


Pup’s gone wild?!

Maybe they are simply hinting that they want to sink their teeth into an assortment of toys in a Wild Pup Box - instead of your furniture!

Hyperactive & Chewers Dog Gift Box with Tough Dog Toys

What makes a wild pup?

If your dog typically destroys every new toy in less than a minute, he might be a wild pup! If he endlessly chews everything from bones to the legs of the dining room table, he might be a wild pup!  If you’ve got a Wild Pup on your hands then Wild Pup Box is a PAWFECT solution for you!

The only reason your pup will be chasing the mailman is to sink their teeth into Wild Pup Box! Trust us, your post deliverer will thank you when your Frisky Fido changes attitude about the mail delivery. After getting a Wild Pup Box with the mail, they will be dreaming about sinking their teeth into their new dog toys and treats - instead of the mailman’s hand!

Can i customize my Wild Pup Box?

We know from experience that no two wild pups are alike, so when you place your order, we’ll ask for some details about your pup: his or her name, gender, size and details about any allergies we need to be aware of.

Our goal is to put a smile on your face while your dog gets a spring in their paw-steps, inspiring hours of playtime, exercise, mental stimulation, snuggles, and adventure for dog-lovers and their fur-babies.

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